Dwalf cats

The dwarf is a hairless cat obtained by crossing the Munchkin, the canadian Sphinx and the American curl. It is characterized by short legs, a wedge-shaped head and the elf ears. Has the status "experimental": the representatives of this breed there are dozens.

Officially the first representative breed dwalf emerged in 2009. He was born as a result of a complex breeding program using the breeds Muchkin, American Curl, Sphynx. In the rock, dwelt there are elements of all its ancestors. Detrimental effect on the health of the cat at the same time the three mutations at the moment is not revealed.

What's that strange name for a Dwarf breed? It turns out that the name comes from two English words: dwarf and elf. And very suitable it is a miniature charming creature with curled ears and short legs.


Externally, dwalf is a mini-cat, whose weight in adulthood and rarely reaches 2 kg. a Distinctive feature of this breed is slightly recurved ears (can curl at 90-180 degrees) on a modified wedge-shaped muzzle (flat forehead and rounded skull), and large almond-shaped eyes. Despite its miniature size, the dwarf looks impressive thanks to its muscular body, massive neck and legs. Muzzle cats differs expressed cheekbones, on the forehead and cheeks there are small wrinkles.

The profile of the dwarf is slightly bent with a round tummy, large oval legs (and the hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones) and a long whip-like tail.

The color of dwalf

This hairless cats, only on the tummy can be a small area of wool. All Delhi muscular, short large legs, a thin tail. Paws with pronounced joints.

The head of dwalf rounded, with prominent whisker pads and cheekbones. Ears of medium size slightly bent, but not as much as curls.

These cats have large, expressive almond-shaped eyes. Eyebrows and moustache may be missing. Color can be any red, gray, white, dark chocolate (rare).

Dwelf refers to hairless cats, but his body may be small, you can easily feel down, like the whole body and its separate parts, including the edges of the ears, scrotum or feet.

The color of the cat can be any: white, gray, red and even the color of dark chocolate

Dwalf are thermophilic, do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Bathe a cat should times in 10 days with use of soft shampoos. It is also recommended to wash the eyes, ears daily, clean the nose with a thin cotton swab.


This peaceful cats, never show aggression. Very gentle and obedient. Easy learners. Love the attention and comfort. Do not differ in activity and mobility, but if they offer the game will be willing to rush for an imaginary bow. Easy to make contact, friendly to children and other Pets.

The representatives of the breed Dwalf purposeful and independent. If the cat has decided to climb on a high shelf, but to jump it fails, you will not become a plaintive meow and call for help – she just climbed in there at any cost. 

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